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Hull Clean services | Flat Bottom Cleaning Services

Muddy Waters, Crystal-Clear Results

Our patent-protected camera system captures 4K in muddy waters, providing crystal-clear insights into your hull.

Neptune Robotics' cutting-edge robotic technology delivers maximum protection to AF coatings, effective ROV hull cleaning at berths and anchorages, countering strong current and murky waters, above and underwater.

Extreme Weather, Delivering Excellence

Our adaptable robots thrive in currents of up to 4.0 knots and conquer any environmental challenge.

Neptune delivers standardized robotic services such as ROV hull cleaning at over 40 ports to ensure your vessel’s hull remains clean and efficient all year round.

Preserve AF Coating, Power Performance

Our advanced robots offer a winning combination of cleanliness and AF coating protection.

ROV hull cleaning with Cutting-edge cavitational technology, with robotic routes powered by AI algorithms.

20M Above Water, 30M Underwater

Our hull adhesion technology ensures effective cleaning while your vessel is fully discharged or loaded.

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Neptune Online Management System

Hull Fouling & Coating Analyses
Fuel And Carbon Savings Traceability
Annual Operation Management

Technology | Robotic Vessel Inspection and Cleaning | Flat Bottom/Boat/Vessel In-Water Survey

Neptune ROV cleans above & below the waters, protects AF coating and works in murky waters. Our tech delivers robotic underwater inspection and hull cleaning.

Advanced Technology for In-Water Vessel Inspection and Maintenance

Utilizing state-of-the-art robotic systems, our company provides industry-leading “vessel in-water survey” and maintenance services. Our remote inspection techniques and “robotic vessel cleaning” capabilities deliver unparalleled results without time-consuming dry docking. For boat owners and operators seeking to balance performance, safety and costs, our in-water solutions are the clear choice.

Real-Time Hull Insights from Precision Inspection Robots

Our remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) outfitted with HD cameras and sensors provide detailed underwater inspection data on the spot. Guided by experienced ROV pilots, the robots can examine a boat’s hull, running gear, sea chests and other submerged areas with precision maneuvering and stability.

The crystal-clear live video feed and ultrasonic thickness gauging reveal the exact condition of hull coatings, fouling, corrosion, pitting or damage. Our powerful lighting systems illuminate even the most obscured niches and shadows. The ROV’s manipulator arms also allow our crews to perform tactile inspection of surfaces when needed.

Inspection results are digitally recorded for in-depth analysis by our naval engineering team. Within hours, we provide accurate condition reports with recommendations for maintenance, coating work or further evaluation. Our modern “boat in-water survey” techniques eliminate guesswork while avoiding costly, risky manual inspections.

Targeted Cleaning for Optimal Hull Performance

Based on inspection findings, we develop tailored in-water cleaning plans using our specialized ROVs. Equipped with brushes, water jets and other tools, the robots perform meticulous fouling removal and surface preparation with precision control.

The ROV’s maneuverability allows systematic cleaning from waterline to keel, including hard-to-reach areas. Its real-time camera feed also helps our crews calibrate the cleaning intensity to match the hull coating and marine growth type for optimal results. Thorough yet gentle “robotic vessel cleaning” restores smooth water flow while avoiding coating damage.

Inspections Ensure Cleaning Effectiveness

Post-cleaning, our teams conduct follow-up hull inspections. The final survey validates cleaning effectiveness and coating condition. Our before-and-after ROV imaging allows us to showcase the dramatic underwater transformation to customers.

By pairing inspection and cleaning, we provide accountable maintenance. Customers gain verification that their vessel’s submerged surfaces meet exacting standards. This preventative maintenance approach maximizes efficiency by eliminating unnecessary cleaning.

Specialized Services for Distinct Requirements

Beyond core inspection and cleaning, we offer focused services tailored to distinct vessel maintenance needs:

  • Flat Bottom Inspection – Our ROVs thoroughly survey the broad flat undersides of barges, pontoons and other workboats to identify damage or coatings issues.
  • Niche Area Cleaning – Using both ROVs and human divers, we clean fouling and debris from sea chests, bow thrusters, propellers and other tight spaces.
  • Emergency Response – We rapidly deploy inspection ROVs to aid maritime incident investigation and salvage operations.
  • Coating Repairs and Installation – Our crews touch up flawed hull coatings or apply new specialized paints.

Contact us to discuss which combination of specialized services best meets your needs. Our comprehensive in-water capabilities maximize vessel safety and performance while minimizing operational disruptions.

Customer Success Stories

Leading cruise lines, commercial fleets and recreational boaters rely on our unmatched in-water hull services:

[Customer 1] – A new layers of hard marine fouling compromised the mega yacht’s speed and maneuverability. Our inspection ROVs conducted a comprehensive underside survey. We then deployed cleaning ROVs to gently remove organisms and restore the hull's smooth finish within 24 hours.

[Customer 2] – The bulk carrier operates worldwide with tight turnaround times. Our ROV teams meet the ship in ports to conduct routine inspection and performance maintenance cleaning between dry dockings. This prevents unplanned downtime due to fouling buildup.

Contact us today to discuss maximizing your vessel’s effectiveness and longevity through advanced in-water maintenance.

Harnessing Technology: Unlocking Shipping Industry’s Potential

 Neptune Robotics provide you gateway to the latest and in-depth Shipping Industry Information. Dive into valuable industry insights and professional advice catered to Shipowners, Ship Managers, and Maritime Operators. Discover how our cutting-edge technology transforms operations and maximizes efficiency for a smarter, sustainable maritime future.

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