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Explore case studies about vessel underwater cleaning solutions complying with Australia AMSA and New Zealand MPI standards.

Specialized Vessel Cleaning Services for Australia and New Zealand

Operating in Australia and New Zealand presents unique biofouling challenges requiring diligent maintenance. Our company provides professional “vessel underwater cleaning” tailored to the stringent standards and marine conditions of these regions. Discover how our elite services help vessel owners maximize performance, efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Customized Cleaning for ANZ Waters

With expertise honed over decades of regional experience, we understand the distinct needs of vessels operating in Australia and New Zealand waters:

  • Thick algae accumulation and stubborn shell fouling require thorough cleaning. Our methods are designed to remove all growth down to the hull substrate.
  • Seasonal variability necessitates flexible scheduling. Our crews mobilize on-demand to any major ANZ port.
  • Strict biofouling regulations demand responsible cleaning and disposal. Our systems contain and capture all removed fouling for proper processing.
  • Complex currents, low visibility and sensitive ecosystems require specialized techniques. Our ROVs operate safely and effectively across diverse ANZ conditions.

By customizing techniques and tools for these unique challenges, we enable vessel owners to meet the dual demands of peak performance and ecological stewardship.

Comprehensive Services for Complete Hull Care

Our full-service underwater maintenance programs include:

  • Vessel Underwater Cleaning – ROV, diver and combined methods to remove all fouling from underwater hull and niches.
  • Coating Inspection and Repair – Identify and address any coating flaws or damage.
  • Hull Polishing and Grooming – Restore surface shine and protection above the waterline.
  • Regulatory Compliance Support – Documentation, reporting and permitting to adhere to all ANZ biofouling regulations.

This complete regimen combining specialized cleaning, coating care and compliance support provides total vessel protection.

Cutting-Edge Technology Designed for ANZ Conditions

Our in-house engineering team has developed advanced robotic systems tailored to overcome the challenges of maintaining hull integrity in Australia and New Zealand:

  • Powerful thrusters provide stability in strong regional currents and tidal flows for precision cleaning.
  • Specialized navigation sensors allow our ROVs to track hulls in low-visibility waters.
  • Adjustable, rotating cleaning tools effectively remove hard growth across diverse hull materials and coatings.
  • Custom debris containment systems ensure no biofouling dispersion or marine ecosystem impact.

Thanks to these purpose-built innovations, our ROVs can clean vessels more effectively across ANZ’s wide range of ocean conditions and biofouling types.

Trusted Cleaning Partner for Leading ANZ Vessels

Major commercial fleets, passenger ships and private yachts rely on our elite regional experience and specialized services:

  • Ferry Operator [X] – Our regular in-water cleaning of hulls, propellers and sea chests maintains optimal performance on aggressive biofouling schedules.
  • Bulk Carrier Company [Y] – Customized underwater ROV cleaning between dry dockings sustains speed and fuel efficiency with minimal drag.

Let us tailor a cleaning and maintenance program to overcome the specific biofouling challenges your vessels face in Australian and New Zealand waters. Contact our experts today to discuss your needs.

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