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Robotic Hull Inspection

Robotic Hull Inspection Service

Robotic Hull Inspection | Boat/Vessel Inspection Service | Vertical Sides Underwater Inspection

Our ROV boat/vessel/hull inspection includes vertical sides inspection, flat bottom inspection and niche areas inspection.

Comprehensive Vessel Inspection Utilizing Advanced Robotics

Regular inspection of a boat’s above- and below-water surfaces is crucial to ensure safety and peak performance. Our company provides professional “vessel inspection service” using cutting-edge robotic systems to examine your boat’s hull, decks, superstructure and critical gear thoroughly and efficiently. Discover how our modern “boat inspection service” provides unmatched visibility into your vessel’s true condition.

Robotic Hull Inspection – Revolutionizing Below-Water Surveys

Inspecting a boat’s underwater surfaces traditionally requires costly, high-risk manual dives. Our remotely operated robotic vehicles (ROVs) equipped with cameras and sensors can safely access and inspect every inch of a hull and gear.

Piloting the ROV via real-time video feeds, our technicians document a hull’s exact condition. Maneuverability and stability allow close-up inspection of welds, sealants, coatings and problem areas. The ROV’s manipulator arms also enable tactile surface examination when needed.

Precision lighting reveals even the most obscured niches, while advanced imaging penetrates low-visibility water. The ROV also uses ultrasonic gauges to map thickness and identify internal corrosion or voids.

This detailed “hull inspection service” reveals the true state of the underwater boat with unmatched clarity. Expert analysis of the findings identifies required maintenance, repairs or further evaluation needed to ensure soundness.

Above-Water Inspection – Assessing Superstructures and Decks

While robotic systems cover below-water areas, our survey teams conduct hands-on inspection of above-deck structures and components.

Technicians thoroughly examine welds, railings, hatches, deck gear and superstructure for issues affecting structural integrity or safe operation. We also use tools like surface crack detection dye and ultrasound thickness gauging for in-depth analysis.

Combining below-water robotic inspection with above-deck surveys provides a comprehensive overview of your boat’s state. Any identified faults or vulnerabilities can be addressed proactively to protect safety and performance.

Vertical Sides Inspection – Ensuring Hull Integrity

The vertical hull surfaces between the waterline and deck are especially prone to damage from impact, wear and sea forces. Our “vertical sides inspection” focuses on thoroughly examining this critical zone.

ROVs use high-resolution cameras and side-scan sonar to map and evaluate hull plating, framing and attachments. Specialized tooling also allows non-destructive testing of welds or other joins. For hands-on inspection, our experienced divers examine, photograph and measure suspect areas.

This meticulous vertical sides analysis ensures your boat’s watertight integrity and structural soundness are maintained. Identifying deterioration early allows localized repairs to prevent catastrophic failure.

Customer Success Stories

Leading fleets and vessels rely on our elite robotic and manual inspection capabilities:

Research Vessel [Name] – Following 20 years of demanding global operations, a comprehensive condition survey was needed before drydock work. Our ROV inspection identified hull corrosion needing repair. Above-water inspection also revealed deck equipment wear necessitating replacement prior to the vessel's next extended mission.

Luxury Yacht [Name] – After inadvertently running aground, the yacht owner needed quick examination before assessing repairs. Our ROV teams rapidly deployed to inspect the hull, running gear and steering for damage. The interior spaces were also surveyed to confirm no breach before the yacht was cleared to cruise to the yard.

Let us uncover your vessel's complete condition with expert robotic and manual inspection. Contact us today to discuss your survey needs.

Robotic Hull Inspection

Discover Neptune Robotics’ expertise in robotic underwater inspections and pre-view assessments before cleaning.

Our patented robotic technology excels in inspecting the hull in clear or very low visibility water. Make the invisible visible.

All historical inspection and cleaning data of your fleet is available at Neptune’s Online Management System (NMS). Enjoy cloud-based convenience for streamlined operations and detailed hull analytics.

Experience the Neptune Difference

We have six killer features that put us in the top 1% in the industry.

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The Neptune Proven Process

We take pride in offering best-in-class services that streamline the operations for your fleet.

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Neptune delivers full reports, fouling, coating analysis, fuel, carbon savings traceability.

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Empowering you to effortlessly manage and optimize your maintenance strategy by fleet management records and plans.

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