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Case Studies | Hull In-Water Survey and Cleaning

Explore case studies about the Neptune Annual Care regular hull in-water cleaning services. Improve vessel performance throughout the year.

Advancing Hull Care with In-Water Cleaning and Survey Technology

At our marine maintenance company, we provide integrated “hull in-water survey” and cleaning services to proactively care for vessel hulls. By combining cutting-edge robotic inspection and cleaning capabilities, we offer an efficient, eco-friendly solution to optimize hull performance and longevity.

Annual Hull Care Powered by Robotic Technology

We have developed proprietary robotic systems and procedures specifically tailored for in-water hull maintenance:

  1. Inspection ROVs – Our remotely operated underwater vehicles outfitted with cameras, lights and sensors provide detailed hull analysis without time-intensive dry docking. The ROV data gives precise insight on coating condition, corrosion, fouling and damage below the waterline.
  2. Cleaning ROVs – Specialized cleaning robots utilize spinning brushes, water jets and vacuums operated with pinpoint precision to remove marine growth from hulls and niches. The cleaning intensity and tool parameters are optimized based on the inspection findings.

These advanced robots allow our team to provide comprehensive hull care in the water quickly, safely and responsibly. Vessels can remain fully operational while keeping their underwater surfaces in pristine, performance-enhancing condition.

Complete In-Water Hull Maintenance Services

Our robust annual maintenance programs incorporate robotic inspection and cleaning with additional services for complete protection:

  • Hull In-Water Cleaning – ROV biofouling removal from the underwater hull, propellers, rudders and other submerged areas.
  • Niche Area Cleaning – Manual cleaning of sea chests, bow thrusters and other confined spaces by our divers.
  • Hull In-Water Survey – ROV hull analysis generating a detailed inspection report with maintenance recommendations.
  • Coating Inspection and Repair – Identifying and addressing any flaws in anti-fouling paint.
  • Hull Grooming and Polishing – Cosmetic conditioning of above-waterline paint.

This holistic maintenance regimen combining sustained robotic and manual care enables proactive, above- and below-waterline hull preservation.

Unmatched Expertise from Hull Care Innovators

Our team consists of seasoned maritime professionals including naval architects, robotics engineers, coatings experts and captains. This diverse expertise allows us to continually advance hull care technology and services.

We hold patents on proprietary ROV systems, cleaning tools and inspection sensors designed specifically for in-water hull maintenance. Our specialized procedures integrate over three decades of learning into best practices for hull cleaning and survey.

By dedicating our full efforts to pioneering the future of hull care, we provide an elite in-water maintenance solution unmatched in capability, quality and value. Discover how our innovations in “hull in-water survey” and cleaning can benefit your vessel.

Hull Care Client Success Stories

Leading cruise lines, shipping firms and superyacht owners trust our in-water services to maintain vessel performance, efficiency and reliability.

Cruise Line [X] - The mega cruise ships cannot be dry docked during peak Caribbean season. Our annual agreements fill scheduling gaps by cleaning hulls, propellers and bow thrusters in-water between dry dockings using ROVs. This prevents performance loss from fouling buildup.

Bulk Carrier [Y] - The client needs underwater inspection data to guide cleaning and maintenance. Our ROV survey generates instant hull condition analyses without disrupting the vessel's demanding transoceanic schedule. The data enables targeted, planned repairs and cleaning.

Let us customize an efficient hull care program for your fleet combining sustained robotic inspection and cleaning. Contact our hull maintenance experts to discuss your specific needs.

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