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Robotic Hull Cleaning

Neptune Robotics' robotic hull cleaning services including flat bottom cleaning service, vertical sides cleaning service and niche areas cleaning service.

We're your go-to experts in robotic hull cleaning with advanced ROV and AI technology for boat vertical sides cleaning and flat bottom cleaning.

Complete Hull Cleaning Solutions for Peak Boat Performance

At our boat cleaning service, we utilize the latest technology to provide comprehensive hull cleaning for marine vessels of all types. Our full suite of services includes boat underwater cleaning, flat bottom hull cleaning, and vertical sides cleaning – all designed to restore your boat’s speed and efficiency while protecting its structural integrity.

Boat Underwater Cleaning – Restoring Speed and Fuel Economy

Underwater areas are prone to buildup of algae, barnacles, and other marine fouling that create drag and friction. Our boat underwater cleaning service uses remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) equipped with brushes, jets, and vacuums to remove this growth from below the waterline. The ROV’s maneuverability allows cleaning even on complex hull geometries. Its real-time video feed also enables our experienced operators to ensure thorough fouling removal while avoiding damage to the hull coating.

Our boat underwater cleaning restores your boat's hydrodynamic performance. By eliminating underside friction-causing fouling, our service can improve speed, response time, and fuel efficiency. This enhanced performance results in a better ride and lower operating costs. The specialized ROVs we deploy can clean vessels of practically any size, from small pleasure crafts to large commercial ships. You’ll be amazed at how much our underwater service can improve your boat’s speed and economy.

Flat Bottom Hull Cleaning – Maintaining Stability and Balance

Flat-bottomed boats require special attention to keep their hulls clear of buildup. Our flat bottom cleaning service uses methods tailored to the wide, rectangular undersides of barges, pontoons, catamarans, and other flat-bottomed vessels. Wide oscillating brushes, scraper attachments, and other tools are optimized to provide complete fouling removal across the wide surface area of the flat bottom.

Eliminating marine growth buildup through our flat bottom cleaning service has multiple benefits for the boat's performance. It prevents degradation of the anti-fouling coating that protects the structural hull. The clean surface reduces drag and turbulence, improving stability and fuel efficiency when underway. And removing pound-inducing growth from the flat underside helps maintain the vessel’s balance and proper trim in the water. Keeping the bottom clean is key to safe handling for barges and other flat-hulled boats.

Vertical Sides Cleaning – Maintaining Appearance and Seaworthiness

The vertical sides of a boat hull tend to accumulate more stubborn marine fouling that is not removed by the water flow. Our vertical sides cleaning service focuses on thoroughly removing this superficial growth without harming the underlying surfaces. We use gentle, environmentally safe methods tailored to each hull material and coating.

For fiberglass or painted hulls, we use specialized brushes and scrapers to remove organisms, residue and discoloration. On aluminum or steel hulls, we use non-abrasive techniques to avoid scratching or oxidation. And our dive team can perform detailed spot cleaning of niche areas like waterline streaking. Throughout the cleaning process, we take care to contain and collect all removed fouling to avoid dispersal in the water.

Our vertical sides cleaning restores the aesthetic appearance of your boat while eliminating added weight and drag from marine growth. It is key to maintaining smooth water flow and preventing deterioration that can lead to corrosion and compromised structural integrity. Healthy, clean vertical hull surfaces are essential for peak performance and seaworthiness.

Comprehensive Services for Complete Hull Cleaning

While underwater, flat bottom and vertical sides cleaning each delivers specific performance benefits, combining services provides maximum effectiveness. Our full service hull cleaning produces exponential improvements by addressing fouling throughout the hull. Here’s how our complete cleaning service restores your boat’s speed, economy and seaworthiness:

Boat Underwater Cleaning

  • Removes underside marine growth
  • Restores smooth water flow
  • Reduces drag and friction
  • Increases speed and fuel efficiency

Flat Bottom Hull Cleaning

  • Cleans wide flat surfaces thoroughly
  • Maintains stability and balance
  • Prevents coating deterioration
  • Enhances low-speed handling

Vertical Sides Cleaning

  • Removes waterline and side fouling
  • Restores aesthetic appearance
  • Eliminates added weight
  • Prevents corrosion and damage

Better Performance with Specialized Marine Services

We also offer a range of specialized cleaning and maintenance services to comprehensively care for your boat. Our divers perform sea chest and niche area cleaning. We refresh and repair hull coatings. And we offer hull inspections and surveys to identify areas needing attention.

Trust us to keep your boat operating at its best. Our unmatched experience with all types of recreational and commercial vessels allows us to customize hull cleaning for your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss service plans for peak performance all year long.

Robotic Hull Cleaning

Explore Neptune Robotics’ robotic hull cleaning solutions designed for various vessel types, including bulk carriers, container ships, vehicle vessels, and oil tankers. Neptune Robotics’ robotic hull clean service including flat bottom cleaning service, vertical sides cleaning service and niche areas cleaning service.

Our cutting-edge technology, featuring cavitational waterjets, ensures efficient biofouling removal while preserving paint coatings.

Whether in clear waters or low visibility conditions, we excel in delivering thorough cleaning in any challenging environment.

All historical inspection and cleaning data of your fleet is available at Neptune’s Online Management System (NMS). Enjoy cloud-based convenience for streamlined operations and detailed hull analytics.

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