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Neptune Annual Care

Neptune delivers standardized robotic services such as ROV hull cleaning at over 40 ports to ensure your vessel’s hull remains clean and efficient all year round.

Neptune Annual Care | Regular Robotic(ROV)Ship Cleaning and Hull Service

Neptune Annual Care offers regular hull cleaning service with ROV/robotic ship cleaning technology. Ensure good performance of your vessel throughout the year.

Annual Vessel Care with Advanced Robotic Ship Cleaning Technology

Maintaining peak performance and maximum lifespan for vessels requires proactive, continuous care. Our company provides customized Annual Care Programs utilizing robotic technology to make year-round maintenance and “hull cleaning service” efficient and affordable for ship owners. Discover how our automated “robotic ship cleaning” and “ROV ship cleaning” methods can optimize your annual costs while ensuring your vessels always operate at their best.

Customized Programs for Comprehensive Annual Care

Each vessel and owner has unique priorities for maintenance. After analyzing these specific requirements, our experts tailor Annual Care Programs that allow personalized, worry-free vessel upkeep. Core elements of our programs include:

  • Hull Cleaning – Our ROVs conduct thorough “robotic ship cleaning” of running gear, propellers and all submerged surfaces whenever needed.
  • Niche Area Cleaning – Our divers meticulously clean obscures spaces like sea chests by hand.
  • Inspections – We survey hulls and examine niche areas to identify maintenance needs.
  • Coating Care – Applying, repairing and polishing specialized anti-fouling coatings.
  • Maintenance Training – We train your crews in optimal cleaning methods and equipment operation.

Based on factors like vessel type, coatings, operational profile and environmental regulations, we customize the scheduling, techniques and services in your program for maximum efficiency.

Advanced Robotic Ship Cleaning – At the Core of Vessel Care

While programs are tailored, robotic underwater cleaning is a universal need for ongoing hull maintenance. Our remote-controlled ROVs outfitted with cameras, sensors and cleaning tools can rapidly and thoroughly clean a ship’s hull anywhere, anytime, without costly dry docking.

Key advantages our advanced “ROV ship cleaning” systems provide include:

  • Access all underwater surfaces from keel to waterline regardless of draft
  • Maneuverable to clean complex geometries and confined spaces
  • Clean efficiently in port without interfering with operations
  • Remove fouling thoroughly while protecting coatings
  • Operate in challenging environments like busy harbors and strong currents

By keeping hulls clean of drag-inducing marine growth, our robotic cleaning optimizes fuel economy, speed and maneuverability for peak performance. It also eliminates unplanned downtime and repairs caused by excessive fouling buildup.

Customized Technology and Processes

We leverage the latest robotic technology while tailoring it to meet each vessel’s needs. Our R&D team works directly with manufacturers to customize ROVs with features like:

  • Hull-adapted frames, cameras and sensor packages
  • Specialized brush designs and cleaning tool attachments
  • Hull follower navigation and auto-cleaning capabilities
  • Extended battery systems for continuous operation

We also optimize cleaning procedures based on the vessel. Custom operational plans specify optimal cleaning routes, techniques and quality control measures developed through experience with the vessel type.

By combining tailored technology and processes, we can fulfill the specialized cleaning requirements of any vessel. Our innovations in “robotic ship cleaning” continually raise the bar for efficiency, safety and repeatability.

Customer Success Stories

The world’s leading cruise lines, commercial fleets and private yacht owners rely on our customized Annual Care Programs to maintain their vessels in flawless condition.

Cruise Line [X] – With a fleet of 25 ships doing daily Caribbean runs, efficient underwater maintenance is imperative. Our NAC Program keeps hulls clean between dry dockings using ROVs tailored for speed and maneuverability in tight turnarounds. This sustains optimal fuel performance and passenger comfort continuously.

Bulk Carrier Company [Y] – The fleet transits aggressive biofouling waters worldwide. Our customized NAC Program supplements dry docking services by cleaning keels, propellers and bow thrusters in-water during port calls. This prevents fouling buildup keeping ships running efficiently.

Let us customize a program to meet your specific vessels' annual underwater care needs. Our robotic cleaning systems and holistic maintenance approach will ensure your optimal performance season after season.

Neptune Annual Care

Neptune Annual Care Program (NAC) presents a comprehensive and proactive biofouling management solution for your vessel.

NAC keeps your vessel’s hull and niche areas clean by hull cleaning service all year round with minimum management effort from your team.

With Neptune Annual Care, you can confidently ensure sustained vessel performance and environmental responsibility.

Neptune is taking care of your fleet.

Experience the Neptune Difference

We have six killer features that put us in the top 1% in the industry.

ROV Hull Underwater Clean | ROV Vessel Hull Clean

Above Water Cleaning

Hull Clean services | Flat Bottom Cleaning Services

See Perfectly in Muddy Waters

Robotic Underwater Inspection | Boat In-Water Survey

Counter Extra Strong Current

ROV Vessel Cleaning | Robotic In-Water Vessel Cleaning

Zero Damage to Coating

Boat Robotic Underwater Cleaning and Hull Maintenance

Berths & Anchorages

Robotic Underwater Inspection | Boat In-Water Survey

Australia & NZ 100% Success Entry

The Neptune Proven Process

We take pride in offering best-in-class services that streamline the operations for your fleet.

Proactive Tracking
Order Confirmation

Upon order confirmation, we closely track ETA and liaise with all parties.

Preview Report In 4 Hrs
Hassle-Free Arrangement

To save your management time, we communicate with the Master and local agents to get all preparations ready.

Hassle-free Arrangement
Approved by Authorities

Neptune strictly adheres to all necessary approvals and compliance regulations.

Approved by Authorities
Preview Report In 4 Hrs

Neptune assists you in pinpointing the precise areas requiring cleaning via our Inspection Preview Report.

Intelligent Analysis
Comprehensive Reports Online

Neptune delivers full reports, fouling, coating analysis, fuel, carbon savings traceability.

Continuous Improvement
Fleet-Wide Dashboard

Empowering you to effortlessly manage and optimize your maintenance strategy by fleet management records and plans.

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