Global Top 5 Shipowners Are Using “Fuel-Saving Solutions,” Buy One Get One Free!

Global Top 5 Shipowners Are Using “Fuel-Saving Solutions,” Buy One Get One Free!

Just after the height of summer, it’s the perfect time for marine organisms to thrive! But for shipowners and operators, this means their money is flowing out like water because these organisms attach to the ship’s hull, slow down its speed, and increase fuel consumption by 15%.

Looking at fuel prices, the trend for the first half of the year has been strong, even reaching historic highs, making shipowners tighten their wallets. Many experts have also indicated that the supply situation for low-sulfur fuel in the second half of the year remains tight.

How to ease this worry? The answer is hull cleaning! “Neptune Annual Assurance Program” not only helps you reduce fuel consumption through hull cleaning but also saves you even more money! Global top 5 shipowners are long-term repeat customers! “Neptune Annual Assurance Program”

Starting today, when you purchase Neptune Robotics robot hull cleaning services, you’ll receive an additional free inspection and a free professional and detailed inspection report! Limited to 50 ships, first come, first served.

01-Rapid Growth of Marine Organisms, Soaring Fuel Prices! Are you ready for a “big expense”?

From June to October every year, the water temperature in Chinese waters is higher, making it the peak period for marine organisms to attach to ship hulls. During this time, they grow faster, thicker, and there is a greater variety and quantity of them!

For example, the most common barnacles, in seawater above 25°C, can grow to 10 millimeters in height on a ship’s hull in just 14 to 20 days! This directly leads to increased navigation resistance, reduced ship speed, and increased fuel consumption.

Taking a Cape-size oil tanker as an example, when marine organisms attach, it requires an extra $1.34 million in fuel costs annually just to maintain normal ship speed.

In the first half of this year, low-sulfur fuel oil prices have been rising steadily, with an increase of nearly 60%. The extra fuel costs due to marine organism attachment on this ship have increased from less than $100,000 in March to $150,000 in July…

From the current trend of fuel prices and the rate of marine organism growth, many shipowners are likely to face the dilemma of “not cleaning the ship in July, regretting it in October.”

02-Time-Saving, Paint-Friendly Cleaning
Neptune Saves You Money at All Ports/Anchorages!

Neptune Robotics’ robot ship inspection and cleaning operations cover all major ports. They can conduct simultaneous inspections and cleaning during ship loading and unloading without delaying ship schedules, saving shipowners a significant amount in time and operating costs.

With its super-stable performance and strong wave resistance capabilities, Neptune Robotics’ robots can operate 24/7 without dead angles even in complex operating environments like strong ocean currents, lateral flows, and severe weather, all without damaging the ship’s paint.

Equipped with high-definition cameras, Neptune Robotics’ robots can capture high-definition videos and photos of various parts of the ship’s hull, even in areas with zero visibility. They provide obstacle avoidance detection and transmit visual data in real-time!

03-Top Shipowners Worldwide Are Very Satisfied!

In serving hundreds of large vessels, Neptune has always been driven by technology and centered on products. Through robot inspection and cleaning, it saves shipowners and operators millions of dollars in fuel costs each year, earning customer recognition.

At the same time, Neptune’s guarantee services are progressing steadily. A year ago, we established the “Neptune Annual Assurance Program” service, which has received word-of-mouth praise and trust from the top 5 shipowners worldwide after nearly a year of trial operation. Now, we are officially opening this service to every Neptune customer!

No Additional Fees, No Tricks

Neptune promises not to charge for ship fees, dispatch fees, or any other items in the free additional ship inspection service.

Buy One Get One Free, Unlimited Times

With every purchase of Neptune robot hull cleaning services, you get one free underwater ship inspection service and a free inspection report! No limits, stack them for free.

Efficient and Precise, Saves Money and Worry-Free

Neptune Robotics’ ship inspection service can digitally and visually present the coverage of attachments on the ship’s hull during ship loading and unloading, providing precise and efficient results. It allows ship owners to monitor the ship’s condition in real-time, providing a basis for targeted cleaning and making navigation safer.

We hope that through the “Neptune Annual Assurance Program” service’s hull cleaning service and free ship inspection, we can help more ships significantly reduce operating costs, extend the life of facilities, and improve work efficiency, thus achieving the overall goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, while promoting the sustainable development of the industry!


World-class Robotic Services

Neptune offers boat cleaning services, including flat bottom and vertical sides cleaning, using trusted robotic technology for comprehensive boat maintenance.

Robotic Hull Cleaning

ROV hull cleaning with Cutting-edge cavitational technology, with robotic routes powered by AI algorithms.

Neptune offers boat cleaning services, including flat bottom and vertical sides cleaning, using trusted robotic technology for comprehensive boat maintenance.

Robotic Hull Inspection

Comprehensive vessel assessments with digital biofouling and coating representations.

Hull Underwater Cleaning| Ship Underwater Cleaning

Australia & New Zealand

Compliant with AMSA and MPI. Efficient, eco-friendly solutions for your vessel’s needs.

Neptune provide specialized vessel, hull, and ship underwater cleaning services for vessels to enter Australia and New Zealand successfully.

Propeller & Niche Areas

Propeller polishing and niche areas cleaning at the MPI standard.

Neptune Robotics offers a top-notch robotic ship clean and hull cleaning service, including ROV ship cleaning. Ensure the performance of your vessel.

Neptune Annual Care

Our proactive take of your annual hull maintenance, maximising fuel and carbon savings.

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