CCTV media live coverage: Neptune Underwater Robot, a professional ROV vessel cleaning expert, also excels in defending the homeland!

CCTV media live coverage: Neptune Underwater Robot, a professional ROV vessel cleaning expert, also excels in defending the homeland!

On October 1, China Media Group, in collaboration with the National Immigration Administration, specially planned the live broadcast of “I’m on Duty on National Day, Guarding the National Gate” during prime time, focusing on the front line of border defense. Neptune Robot incarnate a “border inspection sharp weapon,” attracting the attention of nearly 200,000 viewers.

In the live broadcast, CCTV’s official short video platform – Yangshipin, together with the National Immigration Administration’s new media, went into the Ningbo Zhoushan Port, presenting to the national audience the research and development background, also the technical highlights of Neptune underwater border inspection robot.

As a global leading industrial underwater robot R&D company, Neptune not only focuses on ship inspection and cleaning services to assist the shipping industry in energy conservation and emission reduction, but also fully leverages its advantages to become the exclusive partner of Ningbo Border

Inspection for underwater ship inspection, shouldering the responsibility of maintaining port security and stability.
This report is a high recognition of Neptune’s persistence in technological innovation and empowering border inspection with intelligence, as well as a strong driving force for Neptune’s continuous contribution to energy conservation, emission reduction, and homeland defense.

Neptune’s robot undertaking the underwater inspection of the world’s No.1 port!
In the live broadcast, the great ship shuttled and container trucks raced in Ningbo Zhoushan Port, showing tha tit has ranked first in cargo throughput for 13 years. The vast harbor and deep water, with ships coming and going, also imposed a daunting task of building a solid port defense line for Ningbo Border Inspection.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port has an average sand content of up to 5kg/m³, with many suspended particles and extremely poor seawater transparency. It is also affected by to typhoons, storm surges, large waves, and high flow rates, making underwater ship inspection more restricted and risky. To address this, Ningbo Border Inspection has built a police-enterprise cooperation platform and introduced underwater robotic inspection technology.

After two years of joint construction with Neptune, the first underwater robot suitable for border inspection in China was officially put into use at Ningbo Zhoushan Port. The Neptune underwater border inspection robot can automatically grasp underwater conditions under remote control, significantly reducing the cost and risk of underwater inspection, and intelligently and efficiently protect the border.

Fully closed-loop, zero-contactEnsuring smooth and safe underwater inspection!
Faced with the severe situations, such as domestic and international epidemic prevention and control situation ,the shortage of cabins and containers in cross-border logistics, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has always prioritized epidemic prevention and control and ensuring smooth port operations.

Neptune’s “full process, fully closed-loop, zero-contact” underwater ship inspection mode has become one of the important reasons for Ningbo Border Inspection to choose Neptune as its exclusive partner for underwater ship inspection.

With just one operator controlling the Neptune underwater border inspection robot remotely, it can conduct flexible underwater patrols in a one-stop, zero-contact manner. This not only meets the logistics demands of fast entry and exit in Ningbo Zhoushan Port, but also provides a safe working environment for ships and border inspection police, offering strong technical support to consolidate epidemic prevention and control across the entire port chain.

Since its establishment in 2018, Neptune has been committed to removing marine life attached to the hull and reducing navigation resistance through ship inspection and cleaning, thereby “saving fuel consumption and reducing carbon emissions”, helping the green and low-carbon development of the shipping industry, and contributing to the country’s” emission peak, carbon neutrality”.

In June this year, Neptune also launched the “Neptune Annual Assurance Program (ANZAC Specialized)”, which provides customized annual guarantee services in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand hull cleaning and information audit regulations, so that to reduce the risk of biological invasion, helping ships arrive to the port smoothly and reducing operational risks in the shipping industry.

In the future, Neptune will continue to take on great responsibilities, adhere to technological innovation and service innovation, and continue to tap the development potential in the direction of intelligence and internationalization, inject a source of power into underwater ship inspection and cleaning, and play the strongest voice in the industry with brand strength!


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Neptune offers boat cleaning services, including flat bottom and vertical sides cleaning, using trusted robotic technology for comprehensive boat maintenance.

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